“Madre Fronteriza”

Estudo conjunto de prevalência de sífilis,tricomoníase e HIV em gestantesda tríplice fronteira do Alto do Rio Solimões


  • Adele S. Benzaken FUAM
  • Enrique G. García Universidad de La Habana
  • Adelma de O. Rodrigues
  • Claudia Mora
  • Martín S. Sánchez
  • José Carlos G. Sardinha FUAM


STD, STI, pregnant women, cooperation, frontiers


Introduction: the epidemiologists of STIs are poorly defined in the isolated frontier regions of the Amazon. Objective: With the goal of deepening the knowledge and of stimulating neighbor countries to practice shared interventions, a study of prevalence was founded with the resources of its own area of interest. Method: such study took place with samples from pregnant women from each region of the Upper Solimões River. This area comprehends eight municipalities in the northwest of the International Amazon, which are found in the triple border of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. At the end of the study (08/03/03 – 11/04/03), a total number of samples from 550 women had been incorporated to a starting number of only 338. An epidemiological inquiry was applied and samples were collected for the study of vaginal trichomoniasis, syphilis, and HIV. Result: the level of prevalence found for the three investigated STIs were of 7,4%, more aggravated in the Peruvian side which was superior to 10%. The prevalence for vaginal trichomoniasis, syphilis, and HIV infection was respectively of 6,3%, 0,92%, and 0,2%. There were slight differences between different residential communities and countries that integrated the study. Conclusion: it is very likely that the curable STIs represent an important health problem. Joint controlling measures should be implemented so to avoid a fast dissemination of the HIV/Aids epidemic, which is found at this moment in a premature developing stage. This study has showed that the cooperation between neighbor countries is attainable in the control of STIs.


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Author Biographies

Adele S. Benzaken, FUAM

Médica, Ginecologista, Gerente do Setor de DST da FUAM

Enrique G. García, Universidad de La Habana

Prof. Dr. Departamento Medicina Interna e Saúde Pública Faculdade Medicina Calixto García, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Médico, Epidemiologista, Consultor da FUAM.

Adelma de O. Rodrigues

Bióloga, Coordenadora do Programa Municipal de DST/Aids de Tabatinga.

Claudia Mora

Psicóloga, Coordenadora do Programa de DST/Aids do Departamento de Saúde do Amazonas em Letícia – Colômbia.

Martín S. Sánchez

Médico de Caballo Cocha, Peru.

José Carlos G. Sardinha, FUAM

Médico, Dermatologista do Setor de DST da FUAM.



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Benzaken AS, García EG, Rodrigues A de O, Mora C, Sánchez MS, Sardinha JCG. “Madre Fronteriza”: Estudo conjunto de prevalência de sífilis,tricomoníase e HIV em gestantesda tríplice fronteira do Alto do Rio Solimões. DST [Internet]. 2023 Mar. 14 [cited 2024 Apr. 14];16(3):15-23. Available from: https://www.bjstd.org/revista/article/view/1346



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