Uncaria tomentosa and topical sse in genital herpes in vulva

case report


  • Mauro Romero Leal Passos
  • Mauro Geller
  • Nero A. Barreto
  • Mariana D.L. Passos
  • Felipe D.L. Passos
  • Renata Q. Varella


genital herpes, Uncaria tomentosa, treatment, STD


Introduction: genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infectious disease that affects people from many different social strata. Genital herpes is spread worldwide and is a frequent cause of painful genital sores in men and women. Objective and Methods: to describe the case of adult women with clinical and cytologic clinical picture of a vulvar initial outbreak of genital herpes in which the lesion was treated with Uncaria tomentosa gel 50 mg/g three times a day for four days. Results: the symptoms of pain and burning had rapid remission. During the consultation, about 25 minutes after topical application of the herbal medicine, the patient reported great improvement in genital pain. The clinical outcome was satisfactory and after six days the patient, whose lesion had already healed, reported having had vaginal intercourse without discomfort. Conclusion: application of Uncaria tomentosa topical gel in a vulvar initial outbreak of genital herpes was well tolerated, showed no side effects, and rapidly and significantly improved the clinical symptoms of disease.


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Author Biographies

Mauro Romero Leal Passos

Professor associado, chefe do Setor de Doenças Sexualmente Transmissíveis (DST) da Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niterói, RJ.

Mauro Geller

Professor titular de Microbiologia e Imunologia do Centro Universitário Serra dos Órgãos (UNIFESO); Professor Titular de Imunologia Clínica do Instituto de Pós-Graduação Carlos Chagas; Professor e Coordenador do Setor de Facomatoses, Serviço de Genética (IPPMG – UFRJ); Professor Colaborador New York University.

Nero A. Barreto

Professor associado, chefe do laboratório do Setor de DST da UFF.

Mariana D.L. Passos

Interna de medicina da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro, estagiária do Setor de DST da UFF.

Felipe D.L. Passos

Biólogo, mestrando do Curso de Medicina Tropical da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Estagiário do Setor de DST da UFF.

Renata Q. Varella

Médica especialista em Ginecologia e Obstetrícia e em DST, Mestre em Ciências Médicas, Setor de DST da UFF.



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Passos MRL, Geller M, Barreto NA, Passos MD, Passos FD, Varella RQ. Uncaria tomentosa and topical sse in genital herpes in vulva: case report. DST [Internet]. 2010 May 25 [cited 2024 Jul. 12];22(2):81-3. Available from: https://www.bjstd.org/revista/article/view/1085



Case Report